Netherlands African Business Council: netwerkorganisatie voor Nederlandse bedrijven die zaken doen in Afrika.






NABC is the leading network organisation providing the platform for enhancing business between the Netherlands and Africa. 


Our network of over 350 Dutch companies (ranging from large multinationals to small and medium sized companies in various sectors), our extended network of around 5,000 African business contacts, and  our  intensive cooperation with Dutch knowledge institutions and NGO’s and Dutch and African authorities, all allow the NABC to work towards a significant increase of bilateral trade and investment between Africa and the Netherlands.


The NABC takes great pride in its promotion of Africa and the opportunities it has to offer, and in its ability to provide Dutch companies with all the tools they need to succeed in a whole range of African countries and markets. One of the ways for us to provide these tools is through our many events throughout the year. Our annual Ambassadors Dinner and our ‘Africa Works!’ conference are great occasions for Dutch companies to meet high-end contacts and to get all the necessary information for their business. In addition, we offer seminars ,workshops and our monthly African Business Clubs, where companies can meet with other businesses and gain new insights on specific matters regarding business in Africa.


Our trade missions are another example of superb opportunities to establish local contacts, get a taste of the local business climate and get to know other Dutch businesses active in certain African markets. The NABC has extensive experience with trade missions to and from virtually every African nation. The missions are usually aimed at multiple industries, making it interesting for a wide range of businesses. The close cooperation with Dutch embassies and local agencies presents plenty of possibilities to lay the foundation for or to further expand enterprises in Africa.


Trade missions also form a part of our specialist strategic programmes. We currently manage a number of these programmes, or alliances, in different industrial sectors, like Port Development and Dairy. Participating in these programmes are Dutch companies, knowledge institutes and the government. The aims of these alliances lay at the heart of the NABC’s vision. By strengthening local supply chains, businesses and infrastructure, these alliances not only utilise current opportunities for Dutch companies, but they form a great and sustainable contribution to the development of the African continent as well. 


As a private sector foundation, we always go the extra mile for our members to ensure that they possess the knowledge necessary for successful business. Not only is our team always ready to answer all the questions companies may have, we also offer support service. This consists of conducting market research on request, providing specialized advice and individual matchmaking. In addition, we understand the difficulty of gaining access to the correct people, government assistance or financial means. Through our lobbying efforts and our contacts, companies will get maximum priority and visibility.    


The NABC strives to be the main platform for Dutch companies in Africa. Our unique selling points and determined team, combined with our continent-wide reach and the very diverse expertise of our large number of members, give every existing and potential member the knowledge and tools they need to succeed. Companies that are looking to expand, improve or open business in Africa will benefit greatly from a NABC membership and all the advantages it has to offer, because ‘We Know Africa’.   


Meet us during one of our activities, become member or contact us.


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